The productivity platform
for researchers.

DeepScholar uses AI to accelerate the time-consuming aspects of scholarly research - performing literature reviews, automatically extracting insights from research papers, navigating grant opportunities and more - so that you can focus your research time on research.

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Supercharge your research

DeepScholar is an AI-powered platform for researchers that improves the productivity of researchers by automating time-consuming tasks and providing tools to help you get more out of your research time.

Conduct automated

literature reviews and compile

key details into tables.

Extract key details from

papers and query across

multiple papers to synthesize.

Collaborate with others

though collaborative paper

highligting & annotation.

Find relevant grant

oppportunities & automatically

screen them. [Coming Soon]

Find relevant research papers

Ask a question and DeepScholar's AI-powered search engine will find the most relevant research from a database of over 250M papers and quickly organize their key details into tables, saving hours of time per week.

Extract key details from papers

Automatically extract key details on the methods, data and results from research papers. Easily prioritize the papers worth reading and minimize time wasted on irrelevant papers.

Synthesize insights across multiple papers

Ask questions spanning multiple papers and DeepScholar's AI model will identify and synthesize the key insights, trends, commonalities and differences across the papers, saving hours of manual synthesis.

Collaborate intelligently

Share collections of papers with fellow researchers and work together efficiently through collaborative paper highlighting and note-taking.